“I can think of no one more qualified than the Trayer family when it comes to teaching survival, wilderness, pioneer, and self-reliance skills. I and many others have lived vicariously through their adventures, their hardships, and their successes. The Trayers know what works due to practical experience, not just because they read it in a book somewhere. I could not possibly recommend them highly enough.”  Jim Cobb

Jim Cobb is the owner and lead trainer for DisasterPrepConsultants.com. His articles on preparedness have been published in national magazines such as OFFGRID, American Survival Guide, Survivor’s Edge, and Boy’s Life. You can find him online at SurvivalWeekly.com. His books include Prepper’s Home Defense, Prepper’s Financial Guide, and Prepper’s Long-Term Survival Guide. Jim lives in the Upper Midwest with his beautiful wife and their three adolescent weapons of mass destruction.