Educating Today For A Better Future Tomorrow

Alternative Methods Of Cooking

Learn How To Knit Socks

From Scratch Cooking & Specialty Diets

Raising Animals

Milling Your Own Flours

Remembering To Have Fun

Living Off-Grid With Solar Power & Alternative Energy

Harvesting Your Meats From The Wild

Finding Your Joy & Happiness In The Quiet Moments


Getting Organized In A Crazy, Busy World

Finding Comfort In Your Home Right Where You Are

Strengthening Your Family Bonds Around The Dinner Table



Candle Making

Foraging From The Wild

Choosing The Appropriate Gear

Solar Cooking


How To Brain Tan A Hide

Pressure & Water Bath Canning

Food Storage

Importance Of Staying Fit & Being Prepared For Anything

Knowing How To Use & Care For Traditional Tools

Wilderness Survival

Educating Children In The Outdoors


Traditional Cabin Building

Natural Health & Herbal Remedies



Homesteading & Off-Grid Training For Today ~ Preparedness & Survival For Tomorrow

For those of you not familiar with our family my name is Tammy Trayer and my Mountain Man and Mountain Boy have been living traditionally 100% off-grid in Northern Idaho since 2010.  We have been journaling our life and lifestyle at  You can also find my Podcast, Mountain Woman Radio archived on our site here or you can subscribe on iTunes.

My book How To Embrace An Off-Grid Lifestyle was the catalyst that led us to the creation of the Trayer Wilderness Academy. I found in writing the book I just couldn’t teach the skills simply with just words.  We were already recording some in-depth videos and writing small content specific e-books and we decided that this was the perfect time to create our academy which would give us the ability and means to teach you the skills that we feel everyone should have.  We look forward to the opportunity to get to know you.   We are offering a Skill Of The Month Membership and independent classes as well.   ♥



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