Skill Of The Month Membership


So, what is the Skill Of The Month Membership, right!?  I am SO glad you asked…


The Skill Of The Month Membership is just that – each month, as a paying member, you will receive a new course to help you advance in your walk toward better self-reliance and preparedness.


If you are not familiar with our family, we live 100% off-grid with solar power in northern Idaho.  We embarked on this journey in 2010 traveling 2,500 miles to our overgrown raw wilderness land that we purchased sight unseen.  Upon arriving we set up our wall tent which we called home for 8 1/2 months while we built our off-grid homestead.  Our family views preparedness as a lifestyle where every day we do something to improve, enhance, or make us more prepared for our future.  That could be for the next day or years down the line.


Our goal with the Skill Of The Month Membership is to help you view preparedness as a lifestyle rather than an every so often task when the power goes out or as an act of nature occurs.


We also feel that the traditional and even sometimes primitive skills we use here on our homestead are just the skills needed to carry us through whatever may come our way.  We may not use all these skills on a daily basis, but having that knowledge in our knowledge banks as well as the experience will make it so much easier if the need arose.


In 2016, that time arose for us when I had life-saving surgery in January that put me flat on my back until nearly July and the Mountain Man and Mountain Boy needed to take care of me.  We went 6 1/2 months without an income and we never went hungry (we had plenty of food and ate like kings and queens), our home was always warm (we forage our firewood every chance we can all year long) and we had a roof over our heads by the grace of God!


This is just one of the occurrences from 2016 – this does not include our two trips to the ER one of which was via the ambulance (we live remotely – it was a touch tricky) and the 16′ spill the Mountain Man took while we were building our home.  More on all that later…  You never know what may occur in our lives, but if we focus on covering all bases and expecting the unexpected, those rough patches will be made so much easier!  Trust me!!


Additionally, a lot of the skills we use here on our homestead would otherwise become lost arts if people like us did not pass them on such as brain tanning an animal hide, blacksmithing and the list go on.



Every month, at minimum, you will receive a well put together video, a handout or e-book to accommodate the video and have the ability to communicate with us as well as other members in our forum.  All of our classes and forums can be accessed on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.


There is SO much information on the internet and it is so hard to determine which are trustworthy and reliable sources, there is often no one to ask or correspond with if you have questions and not to mention the overwhelm that comes with looking things up and researching.


We felt very led to build our academy in an effort to create that place where we can provide a family-friendly environment, create a community of like-minded people and establish a comfort spot that is easy to navigate and learn.


We really look forward to having you join us!


As you help us open our doors, you will not only receive a discounted rate of $19.97 a month, you will be grandfathered in at our opening rate moving forward as a thank you for helping us cut the ribbon and embark on our new journey.




If at any time you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase and what we have to offer at Trayer Wilderness Academy, simply email us within 30 days and you will receive a complete refund.  No questions asked!